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    Cannot edit accordion widget or it won't appear in publish or preview


      I'm using Adobe Presenter 9 with Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2010.

      I'm trying to use the Accordion Interaction. I am able to create the accordion and insert it into my PPTX the first time (fresh presentation). If I continue to preview or publish at this point, I have no issues and the accordion works as designed.


      When I go back to the PPTX and choose to manage the accordion interaction (edit), once I click okay after editing, I'm unable to preview or publish the accordion - it doesn't display. I have to delete the created presentation folder and the slide and start over again and hope that no mistakes are made.


      I did notice that the tail of the accordion slide was sticking out of the bottom of my PPT. I thought this indicated that the accordion was still there, but maybe hid behind the template slide. I tried to 'bring to front' before publishing/previewing, but that didn't work.


      Please help! I have a lot of presentations to do and don't want to be re-creating everytime a spelling error happens!


      Thank you!