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    Will the Next Premiere Pro support nVidia SLI?


      Hi All,


      I have a Rig that has 2 GeForce GTX780's and currently with CS6 I am only able to use one of them, and I wanted to know if there are any news of info about if the next PP will support SLI? because I guess that will make a HUGE Performance leap, when it comes to editing intense Footage like ProresHQ or even RAW HD+



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Premiere Pro Cloud http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/features.html supports more than one GPU


          Do be aware that the Cloud is monthly rental, not a one time purchase

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              While CC can indeed use the GPU power from two GTX 780s, you would likely see a huge gain in DVD render speed (outputting from PPro, not necessarily from AME), but not necessarily much else.


              You might find the following thread interesting where going from one GTX Titan to two almost doubled the DVD render speed as measured by the PPBM6 benchmark.




              Nothing else however was helped in any noticeable way (timeline playback, blu-ray renders, etc.). The 780 is a strong card too, so I would expect similar results. You can plot your GPU % utilization with your CS6 setup and probably find that it is rarely max'd out and indicating that you are GPU bound.


              BTW, SLI does not need to be enabled to help CC. I don't think earlier versions of PPro played well with SLI however another user here did report that CC worked OK with SLI enabled. And, it was neither faster or slower than running with the same two cards installed but without SLI enabled.





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                cc_merchant Level 4

                Look at Balanced Systems on this page Tweakers Page and scroll down a bit till you see the table with video cards.

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Jim, I fully agree that our PPBM6 benchmark does show immense gains when you encode AVCHD to MPEG DVD, but I would also guess that it would show similar gains going from AVCHD with down-resolution to H.264.  Guess I will have to try that.


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                  You got me past the inquisitive stage, I took my own challenge and ran the PPBM6 MPEG2-DVD timeline that we are using in Premiere Pro 7.0.1 (current CC version) which in my lopsided non-BFTB configuration (i7-2600K not overclocked with the current GPU which happens to be an GTX 780).  The scores with MPEG2-DVD encoding versus H.264 Youtube HD 720p 23.976 fps with and without GPU acceleration are below:



                                             With    Without     MPE Gain

                  MPEG2-DVD         24      911                38

                  H.264 Youtube    118     1896               16


                  While it is not as spectacular MPE gain on H.264 it still is one heck of an improvement on a timeline that is loaded with MPE accelerated effects and features. The whole timeline has a red indication without the GPU and yellow when it is GPU accelerated.