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    building separate horizontal and vertical navigation menus

      I am just learning Flex 2 and am trying to duplicate my HTML web site as a model to emulate in my learning experiences. In the HTML site built with Dreamweaver, I have both a horizontal and vertical navigation menus that link to different pages. The horizontal and vertical links are different. No links are duplicated in both menus.

      I have used "Canvas" containers to emulate the horizontal top Div and the vertical Sidebar Div of the HTML model in which I want the horizontal and vertical links to show. I have used a View Stack to emulate the main content Div of the HTML "pages" which are stacked on top of one another for my main content. I then use a link bar for the horizontal menu links and a link bar for the vertical links. Each link bar has its own unique "id".

      By using one View Stack to contain the stacked "page" canvas containers, both the horizontal links and the vertical links are the same in both the horizontal and vertical menu. What I want to happen is to have some of the links in the vertical and the remainder in the horizontal Canvas containers. The horizontal links are: Dance, Theatre,
      Visual Arts, Strings, Wind-Percussion, and Literary Arts. The vertical links are: About Us, Admission, Calendar, Video Links, Faculty, Home, Help, District, and High School.

      I have tried using two View Stacks each with different "id" designations so that I can separate the links into two sets but when I do the horizontal set works fine but the vertical link do not cause the "content" containers to change.

      Any suggestions regarding building horizontal and vertical navigation systems in Flex 2 would be appreciated.


      Joe K.