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    Minimum Requirements with a new PC and Adobe CC


      I am getting a new PC and I want to confirm that I have the right specifications.


      I was looking at an HP ENVY 700-056 with the following specifications:


      • AMD Elite A10-6700 Quad0cire
      • 12 GB memory & 2 TB hard drive
      • Windows 8
      • AMD Radion HD 8670D


      One of my concerns was looking at the minimum requirements from the Tech Specs. In the lIst of reqyured graphics cards, AMD Radio HD 8670 or AMD Radio HD 8670M were listed but did not include D at the end. Is this relevent in any way?


      Also, which of the programs with Adobe CC has some of the most stringent requirements?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This question is better put in the Hardware forum.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

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              RjL190365 Level 4

              Unfortunately, I cannot recommend that setup at all for video editing, even with Premiere Pro CC. This is due to at least four reasons:


              1) First off, it has an AMD CPU. AMD's current CPUs implement SSE 4.x instruction support improperly. As a result, that system could end up being as slow as or slower than a six-year-old Intel Core 2 Quad-based PC even when equipped with a discrete GPU.


              2) The Radeon HD 8670D is not a discrete GPU at all (the other two - the HD 8670 and the HD 8670M - are). Instead, the HD 8670D is embedded into the CPU - and all CPU-embedded GPUs steal some system RAM for their own use (and might make them completely unavailable for use by programs) because they all lack their own discrete RAM. Moreover, there is no way at all whatsoever to set a specific amount of system RAM to be reserved (at most common resolutions, far less than 1GB of RAM will be reserved for the GPU portion of the CPU - and RAM allocation to the "GPU" is dynamic and variable while Premiere requires at least 1GB of dedicated graphics RAM for GPU acceleration to even work at all). Because of this, Premiere Pro CC, when used with an integrated "GPU", will be permanently locked to the MPE software-only mode. That slows overall editing performance substantially.


              3) That system has only a single disk. At least two separate disks (or better still, more than three) are needed for optimal performance. And systems with truly single disks generally perform six times slower than otherwise identically equipped systems with multiple disks in Premiere Pro (because not only is the single SATA connection only a half-duplex bus, in which data transfers can only travel in one direction at a time, but also due to the excessive back-and-forth switching within that single disk between media, Premiere and OS housekeeping that often cannot be turned of or disabled at all).


              4) As configured, the system likely has three of its four DIMM slots filled with 4GB DDR3-1600 DIMMs. This forces partial single-channel memory controller mode. It's better to have all four DIMM slots occupied with 4GB modules, or two or four DIMM slots filled with 8GB modules, in a dual-channel-capable PC. But then, that AMD CPU is so weak when compared to even a mediocre current-generation Intel CPU that even an "upgrade" to 16GB of total RAM may be a bit overkill for that PC.