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    OnRelease Behaviour

    charlie656 Level 1
      Hi, ive been building a fairly large flash app and have realised that i cant click on my movieclip buttons more than once without first moving the mouse.

      When i test the swf locally i can repeatedly click on my movieclips and fire the onRelease handler over and over. As soon as i view the swf in a browser ( IE or firefox ) i find that i have to move the mouse between clicks.

      I tried to isolate the cause by building a seperate fla with a moviclip with onRelease onRollOver and onRollOut handlers but this worked fine both locally and in the browser. Next i copied the movieclip into a new layer in my original app and the movieclip inherited the clicking issue when running in the browser.

      When i first rollover the movieclip the hand symbol appears, when i click I see the normal arrow cursor appear whilst i am still holding the mouse button down. When i release the button the hand cursor reappears but clicking then only works once i move the mouse.

      Im using Flash 8 and publishing as a Flash 8 movie. My browsers have flash player 9 installed.

      Anybody have any ideas as to what might be happening here, im fairly puzzled.