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    My Photos/placed images come out as weird colored lines (printing) when I have a layer/object below


      For some reason, after upgrading to CC I now have an issue with printing photos I've placed in my projects. For example... I created a brochure. On one of the panels I have a rectangle object that covers the entire panel. I place an image/picture over that object (covering the top 50% of the panel and rectangle). I then save and export as PDF. I then save send to print on our canon color lazer printer. The pictures comes out all messed up... rows of lines. If I resize the rectangle so that the image isn't sitting on anything, it seems to resolve the issue. Also, this problem occurs if I import the image as a PSD file. If I import the image as a TIFF file it seems to be okay.


      This never happened to me leading up to this version of inDesign (CC).