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    Audio is randomly cutting in and out?!


      I have been editing my film and each time I play what I have edited from beginning to end, the audio drops in and out randomly. It is mostly at the same points, but not all of the time. This is so frustrating because it is a school project I have to finish these holidays! I'm not allowed to use any other programme, so can someone please tell me how I can change this? (When I play each clip separately, the full audio is there.)


      I am using adobe premiere elements 10. I have Mac os x 10.6.8



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 10 Mac


          Have you gotten to export this Timeline content yet or are you hung up in the Editing part of the program? Right now it appears that you are still in the Editing phase with the audio in and out, assumed during playback of the Timeline content in the Edit Mode monitor.


          Can we assume that the problem audio is linked to video?


          When you are playing back the Timeline content, is there a red line over any of the Timeline content? If so, have you pressed the Enter key of the computer main keyboard to get the best possible preview of what you have? Did it help?


          What is the duration of the Timeline content?


          You say

          When I play each clip separately, the full audio is there


          How many clips are involved in this project?


          If you put clips back on an empty Timeline, one by one, how many clips do you have to have before the audio does its ins and outs?


          Let us start here and then we can base our troubleshooting strategy on your answers.





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            chickawowow Level 1

            Thanks for answering.


            Yes, I am still in the editing process and have not exported the files. When I filmed yesterday and played it back on the camera, all sound was there. When uploaded onto elements, the sound was still there, when I played it back, with all clips edited together it began to drop out.


            1. There is no red line over the content. I have pressed the enter key and it made no difference.


            2. The duration of the content on the timeline is 1 min 6 secs.


            3. There are 18 clips.


            4. 5 clips (24 seconds) played before the sound cut out. Sometimes this happens even earlier though... As soon as it happens once, it just gets worse and can cut out for whole clips, before coming back and lasts for the rest of the playback.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              18 Files in 66 seconds?


              What camera are they coming from and what are the video and audio properties of these 18 files? Can we assume that these are all video files with audio linked to video? I am looking for video and audio compression, frame size, frame rate (interlaced or progressive), pixel aspect ratio, file extension?


              What are you setting as your Premiere Elements 10 Mac project preset in the new project dialog?


              Are you working from an expanded Timeline so that you see what is going on?


              Inspect the Timeline content for gaps, misplaced transitions, titles, and look for very thin vertical black lines scattered throughout the track content. If there, they are slivers from clip movement or leftovers from previously deleted content.


              If you start a new project, does the problem persist?