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    AE Templates won't import


      I recently purchased ‘Adobe After Effects CC.’ I then downloaded several AE Templates. Each time in attempted to import one of the templates, I received the following messages:



      1. This project must be converted from version 9.0.3 (Macintosh Intel.) I then pressed OK.



      2. The following layer dependencies are missing: ‘Text Layer: ‘Font Layer’: ‘Font Family:’ “Onani” ‘Font Style:’ ‘Regular:’ I then  pressed OK.



      3. After Effects warning: 9 files are missing since you last saved this project. I then pressed OK.



      4. After Effects warning: File “Creative Space Ident.aep’ is locked. You can’t save any changes to this file. I then pressed OK.



      Now the Composition window appears and there is a bar code across the window screen...White, Green, red and Blue.



      I spoke with Zeb at Adobe Tech support who told me there is not an issue with their software. But he could not explain the problem. I’m somewhat of a novice and my only experience with video editing software has been limited to Sony Movie Studio, and Pinnacle Studio 16.


      Can someone please help me resolve these issues. I hate to think I wasted good money buying this AE program. Thank You.



      Jared Lamarr

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          It sounds like you bought some bad templates that didn't come with all of the elements that they require. This is not an After Effects problem.

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            Casluhimite3 Level 1

            I downloaded the Templates from Adobe's home page.

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              Casluhimite3 Level 1

              Colud you provide me with a link that has the proper and safe AE Templates?

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                Casluhimite3 Level 1

                Todd Kopriva. Sir, here is the link to the site I used to download the templates in question....https://creative.adobe.com/products

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  There are no After Effects project templates on the creative.adobe.com/products page that you linked to. That's where you get the After Effects application.


                  Where you choose to purchase and download additional project templates is entirely up to you. I have no recommendations for such sites.

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                    Casluhimite3 Level 1

                    I thank you for your time sir, but I can’t help but get the feeling that you really don’t care one way or the other. I get the same attitude from your tech support people on the phone.



                    I feel so stupid wasting my time and money with After Effects. One good thing, it’s only been a week a I’m requesting a full refund at once.



                    The next time I’ll investigate further before purchasing a product based strictly on name recognition alone. Adobe support people are cold and condescending when you ask for help, and that’s something I can live without. Thank you sir for confirming that my trust in Adobe was misplaced. Have a nice life...(GIGANTIC SMILE)

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Todd Kopriva is one of the best people I know. He's very helpful and supportive and gives help in these user-to-user forums in his spare time. This is not an official Adobe support channel; he's just helping out where he can because he's a good person.


                      However, he, as an Adobe employee, cannot give suggestions on where you purchase templates because that would be seen as an official endorsement.


                      Also, what Todd and the support person you mentioned are telling you is true. That's not an issue with After Effects. It's missing fonts and footage elements.


                      Before you try using the program, you really need to get a basic foundation in how it works, otherwise you will just be frustrated. Here is a great (free!) place to start. Seriously, the program is way more powerful and complicated than you realize. You can't just start trying to use it.

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                        Casluhimite3 Level 1

                        Well said, and let me start by apologizing for my comments, I was simply frustrated at the time. I do appreciate the help, but I’m a novice and I’ve only used Sony Studio and Pinnacle Studio in the past, and I thought I would give AE a try based on all the information I’ve seen regarding it’s ability to make very professional intro’s.



                        I do feel the support people at the call center don’t seem to understand the product as well as one might think, but that’s a whole other issue. At any rate; I do thank you for your input and I will certainly check-out this site you mentioned. Thank you again Szalam.  (Smile)