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    Best way to merge/nest video and audio clips?


      Hi there,


      I really need some advice as I am currently editing a video that has a lot of extra sound effects placed in different places and it pretty much makes the mass of the background sound that has been carefully paired to the clips that I have. My issue here is that I need to place in a voice over and make sure it syncs with the visuals also, but this has made me realise that I will need to loop some parts of the clip to make it work and I dont really want to need to move every single chunk of video clip and it's corresponding sound effect manually by highlighting and then pushing towards the right to make room as I may miss something and it will wipe off some areas that I have spent so long on.


      Is there a way to 'nest' my current clips with my audio clips so I can safely organise this rather than dealing with about 50 layers of audio and clips whilst I move things about to work with the voice over? Please help any advice would be very appreciated!