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    Unable to Build Workspace project in Flex Builder 3


      Hi All,


      I am experiencing a situation here while building the workspace project using flex builder 3. Earlier, the projects were building successfully. But lately, when I try to build the project, the progress bar after a while goes away without any notification of success or a failure. While troubleshooting it, I noticed that the there is no Ant Builder associated to the project builder as shown below:


      I therefore, tried to install the ant plugin to the flex builder and to install the ant-contrib1.0b2 library as per the following document:



      Now, while installing the Ant plug-in as per the documentation, when I select "The Eclipse Project Updates" as the update site and try to update the manager, it is giving me the following error:


      Network connection problems encountered during search.

        Unable to access "http://update.eclipse.org/updates/3.3".

          Error parsing site stream. [Premature end of file.]

          Premature end of file.

          Error parsing site stream. [Premature end of file.]

          Premature end of file.

      update error.jpg


      Attaching the screenshot for the same error.


      Anyone having any idea that what is going wrong here? Am I following the right approach?

      Thanks for the help.