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    How to get colours to print properly in B&W from a web PDF?


      Hi there,


      I've created an Adobe PDF in colour for the web. But when users print it out, using a black and white printer, there are problems with some of the colours (i.e. links just print as black, some text that is the same colour in the colour version will print half grey and half black, etc).


      Is there a way for me to set the corresponding greyscale colours for colours used in the PDF through InDesign, so it doesn't print weird when people use a black and white printer?


      Sorry the amateur sounding nature of my question... I'm a total InDesign newbie.

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          G.Hoffmann Level 3

          An example for such a PDF which prints weird by B&W would be helpful.


          It is is possible to create a palette of a few colors which have distinguishable

          gray values by using colors from the set of Munsell colors:




          The vertical axis is called Value V, which represents approximately CIELab

          lightness L.

          A set of colors with different Values would be printed by different grays.

          sRGB numbers are found on associated tables on the respective next page.


          These grays are distinguishable side by side, but unfortunately they cannot

          be easily distinguished if shown individually. Therefore it's recommended to

          use additionally other structuring features like font size, bold, italic, spaced

          or underlined (which is normally not welcome in desktop publishing).


          Best regards  --Gernot Hoffmann