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    Missing Frames after exporting a video with Premiere Pro cc


      Hi guys, i was working on adobe premiere pro cc (342) at work, is the first time i use cc,
      by the way, 40 minutes mp4 video(h264/aac,720p), a video of 100 clips,50 images(title image), fade in/out (each clip), and other stuff( all the clips are mp4).
      i go for exporting in h.264/aac, maximum quality rendeing,and after a perfect exporting(premiere pro cs6 takes 7 hours, premiere pro cc takes only 25-30 minutes,shocking) i see that the exported video is fantastic, but some video frames are missing(the image/title stille remains there), and sometimes even the image/title disappear for some frames, sometimes il like a intermitted flashing.


      i use mpe with my HD7970, is the first time i use it, and during the exporting my AMD FX8350 runs over the 90% of use, it's ok for me, but i want to use ppcc and exporting without problems.
      can you help me?


      sry for my bad english.