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    Photoshop CS6 upgrade from CS4 continually asks for serial number.

    Marlene Barnes 111 Level 1

      I purchased an upgrade from Photoshop CS 4 to Photoshop CS 6 directly from Adobe in December of 2012. (My version of CS4 was originally purchased by me as part of a CS4 Web Premium Suite.)


      My CS4 version has worked since 2009 with no licensing issues.


      I did not install the upgradeto CS6  immediately, I just installed it in August of this year, but I do not think that the problem stems from my delay in installation.


      What happens is that every 6-8 times that I open the program, I get a screen asking me to "License Creative Cloud", which I do NOT want.


      The only options I am given are: Join Now, License This Product, or Continue Trial.


      If I simply X out of the screen, Photoshop CS6 will not open at all.


      If I click: License This Product, I get a sign-in screen that asks for my serial number, which I fill in and then my program opens.


      I have tried customer support 3 times - one chat and 2 phone calls (all lasting at least 1 hour each time) and I am not getting the correct help to solve this issue.


      I am extremely frustrated and outraged that I am bothered by this stupid issue.


      Please help me to stop this screen about Creative Cloud from appearing and from having to constantly input my serial number.