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    After relinking MTS/AVCHD Clips have no audio

    13macfil Level 1



      I have a problem with avcdh-clips. They had been imported porperly, so that I allready have worked with them.

      Today I opended the project, and all the MTS-Files were offline. I tried to relink them - and was warned, that they´ll come with no audio. Which they actually don´t have anymore. I tried to relink the same clips from the backup-disk. Same result. I tested the avchd-clips with prelude and QT-Player - they do have audio.

      Also if I import them fresh in PrP, they are just fine with audio.

      But with the relinking it just doesn´t work. 


      Who can help?


      PS: I trashed the plist as suggested by adobe support. Changed nothing.