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    Kodak_2383 interpretation: wrong colors


      Hi. I have an issue with AE 6. I'm using it for preparing some material for Digital screening (DCP). Most of this material were color graded for negative film printing (Kodak 2383), and the main idea of using AE was conversion from Kodak 2383 to XYZ without loosing anything. In CS 5.x this way worked perfectly, but now, in CS 6.x something happened with Kodak_2383 profile.


      Here is an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rzymv8dn3ffi3s/AE_COLOR_BUG.zip



      1) Original_KODAK2383_LUSTRE.dpx - a part of sequence, made by ADSK Lustre (CC for Kodak_2383 film print)

      2) Converted_by_Smoke_XYZ.tif - example DPX, rendered by ADSK Smoke to DCI XYZ linear Tif file  - colors matched reference

      3) Converted_by_AE_XYZ_0000000.tif - same operation as described above, but made by AE (colors mismatch)