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    Menu shortcuts in authoring in MX 2004

    Level 7
      Just got the trial version of MX 2004, and one difference I've noticed
      between it and MX is that keyboard shortcuts from menus (using the
      installMenu command) no longer work in authoring. Admittedly, it was a
      minor annoyance in MX when a keyboard shortcut in the movie happened to
      coincide with another in Director, and it would make them both happen at
      once. But this seems like the wrong solution. Generally, when a movie is
      running, I don't WANT Director's keyboard shortcuts to be active.
      (Especially the Ctrl-arrow keys - those are infuriating. Accidentally
      swapping sprite channels when a movie is running can have disasterous
      effects, and can sometimes be hard to track down.) Generally, if I'm
      running a movie, the only Director command I need access to is the Stop
      button in case I run into an endless loop or something. Is there any way in
      2004 to change this behavior so that I don't have to make a projector every
      time in order to see if my code works?