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    2 .cpd files in same project--a problem?


      I am working on a large Robohelp 7 HTML project (3,280 files in db), that was cloned from an existing project.  Whenever I open it, it hangs at "Loading DB Info..." for an hour or more.  It's CPU Usage swells to 50-60% of CPU capacity, and the Memory Usage will stay bloated at 185MB (vs. about 4MB for the old source project)


      Also, when I "Save All" the first time each day, it hangs up for an hour or two.  After that, "Save All" (and everything else) functions normally... 


      I notice that the cloned project now has 2 .cpd files (and 2 corresponding .brs files)--a normal-sized one (4MB) carrying the old source project's name, and another humonguous .cpd file (85MB) with the new cloned project's name.  Could this be a symptom or cause of my opening and saving problems?