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    I can no longer use Photoshop for UI Design (PS CC + Retina display)

    Sebastiano G

      Since I bought the new MacBook Pro with retina display, Photoshop can no longer be an option for user interface design.


      I'm runningn the last Photoshop CC update, and each file opens at 50% size compared to other standard displays, which makes working with old files frustrating. Besides, creating a new 1200 wide document to start a web design makes no sense (too small).


      - View > 200% isn't a solution, things look pixelated.


      - To increase the resolution from 72ppi to 220 (retina display) isn't a solution, it doesn't affect the document size


      - Working with a document with 2x size can't be a solution: I should create everything with a 2x size (stroke, shadows, even rounded corners), which would push PS even more far away from being a tool that can be used for UI design.


      Should we just expect that PS on a high-res display behave like that? I don't think so. Besides, the guys of Sketch App (a tool for UI design, that I'm currently working with) found a solution - the retina canvas option:




      You can choose to see bitmap images pixelated, but still the vectors will look exactly like on the browser. By choosing to see the document at the same size but with more details, retina users can enjoy the power of the new MacBook while working on UI design.


      Am I missing something? Should we expect this option in Photoshop too?