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    scale problems

    dorothea.per Level 1

      i want to relink a graph since my translated one, after opening at cs5 (it crashed originally at cs6)
      and then at cs6 i end up with wrong graph scaling,
      i tend to have only one side of scale, eg. my correct is 111x74 and if compare i see at link info: Scale 74,
      how can i have the original scale?
      i need this for all of my graphs so i can be identical with source



      any idea whould be great

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If I understand you correctly, you want to scale the graphs unevenly. Select the graph with the direct select tool and enter the correct values for width and height or horizontal and vertical scale (you can include units for dimensions inthe scale fields and ID will convert to percentages). Make sure the chain link icon is broken for the scale fields. Then adjust the frame, if necessary, to fit. Yo may be able to use the Object > Transform Again menu to repeat the transformation for other graphs if the scaling is consistent.