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    Reports (<cfdocument>) issue when printing in Linux

    apocalipsis19 Level 1
      Hello Community!

      I wrote some reports in coldfusion using <cfdocument> tags. When I first tested my reports in a windows environment the spacing was neat! I even used my ruler to make sure everything was professionally aligned. The client that ran this report is a Linux user. So after the reports were in production I received this e-mail and the IT contact of that company with my company was very frustrated. I saw the output in Linux and then I was frustrated! For example when I bold a word <b>Bold Text</b> I get like 10 spaces after the word 'Bold Text' That only occurs when I run the report on a Linux environment. Every time I use   I get extra spaces too! I don't know if it's a <cfdocument> tag issue or if it's an operating system compatibility issue but I desperately need some feedback on this thread. I have improved the look of the report but there are some stuff that are out of my hands, or that they were fixed so 'manually' that a simple change in font size would mess up the whole thing again. I'd appreciate any feedback.