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    Losing my render files

    dh91 Level 1

      Hey all.


      I know this has been discussed A LOT. But so far nothing I have seen suggested has helped me out much. Basically, and simply, Premiere is dropping my render files. It happened in CS6 (when I first started using the program) and now in CC. If I close the project and reopen, 9 times out 10 the render files will be gone, forcing a re-render. These are all files dynamic linked to After Effects, so it ends up taking 1-2 hours to re-render with a 4 minute video.


      And now something I noticed yesterday, is that I am loosing my dynamic link renders while working on the project. I understand that when I change something in the After Effects it will update, and therefore drop, the render in Premiere, but now I am loosing my renders by simply clicking in the After Effects compotisition (sometimes, not always). Not cool. On top of that, I also end up loosing renders for comps that I didn't even touch. Loosing one render file seems to set off a chain reaction that forces all the other renders to offline as well. It's a waste of time.


      My system:


      Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate

      Premiere Pro CC (updated)

      Intel Core i7 3770k

      Quadro k4000

      256gb SSD (apps installed)

      7200 rpm media drive (for footage)

      16 gb ram


      Any insight would be appreciated. I hope Adobe of aware of this problem and is trying to work something out. New features are great and all but a solid, stable system is even better.