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    Possible reasons for indefinite pause when opening docs and updating links?

    Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hi forum,


      I'm looking for any reasons this could happen to help me pinpoint our cause. Occasionally, when opening documents from a book that contain links that have been changed, InDesign will get stuck trying to update one. It doesn't outright crash, just stops doing anything else - if a progress bar is visible (and sometimes this isn't the case), it will stop halfway and not allow cancellation (see screenshot):




      Though it will still act as if it should respond (I can click the button and the UI responds, window blinks/error noise on clicking anywhere else, task manager claims it is waiting for a response from me if I try to force quit), it does not and the window stays like that indefinitely (or until I force quit).


      I thought it might be to do with the file it is trying to update, so I replaced with with a new AI file (containing the same image though) but just had it happen again.


      I thought it might be something to do with accessing the updating files (they're saved on a network), but very few other people seem to be experiencing the same problem. However, one or two others definitely are.


      Sometimes InDesign acts as if this is happening, but the progress bar window is not present (or not visible, unsure which).


      I don't know if this happens when opening files independent of a book, because the situation does not arise often enough and I cannot reliably replicate this.


      I'm on CS5, all updates performed, and Windows 7. That's as much as I can think of right now, but any other questions or suggestions very welcome.