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    Zoom function for InDesign SWF & HTML5


      Hello all. 


      I'm trying to make an InDesign document into a .swf file (for an interactive eEdition of a newspaper).

      I have got all the buttons I need and the neat little page curl animation for flipping pages.


      I have two questions now:


      Is there a way I can convert this swf file to a HTML 5 file and keep all the animations and what not? I tried using Flash CC, using CreateJS but all it did was show all my pages infinitely scrolling through each other.


      I also want a function to Zoom in.  Since it's a newspaper, some parts are going to be hard to read without getting a closer look.  Is there any way (Whether in dreamweaver, flash, indesign, etc.) to make a button somewhere that allows for a Zoom?


      Thanks so much for any help.