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    Creating the index at end of book


      I am  looking at how to finish my first cook book and realize one of the last touches is to create an index of the  terms mentioned in the book. I'm not done yet, so the pages are shifting around a lot as I finish up, so I see there is no point in doing this yet.


      I am searching in the forums and the only threads I found in relation to this are pretty dated. The only solution that seems to be discussed is indexbrutal / now Indexmatic on the indiscripts website. I am reading some of the docs, looks a bit complicated to setup. It also doesn't mention compatibility with the current version I am working with (CC). It says "CS5+"...


      From what I see, first you have to create your own list of words you want to index, thats fine, I will do that when its time. However, for me the bulk of the work is to assemble the references to each page its on. Is there any built in or more current methods for creating the index at the back of the book?