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    Action essentials effects are out of place when project is saved as an MPEG


      Ok so I have a short film I'm doing with lots of pre keyed muzzle flashes from action essentials . I got them all lined up with the gun barrel perfectly in the editing window. But once I save to a MPEG file, and view the file, the muzzle flashes are all out of place! I then saved to a flash flv and QuickTime file and the muzzle flashes are all where they should be. A first I thought it was the MPEG file causing the problem, but then I remembered I had made a MPEG file of the video the previous day to just view my progress and what I had done. I found the old MPEG video, and all the muzzle flashes were in place. I've been fiddling with this for days and I don't know what to do. Please help.-Cooper


      It might help to know I'm using Adobe primere elements 4. Also action essentials is basically just stock footage and pre keyed effects.i use windows 7