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    Adobe - more details please

    Syzzle Inc Level 1

      I don't know how else to get this in front of Adobe managers, so I'm posting my displeasure here. I have asked previously in forums how to get detailed information about the differences between Enterprise and Standard editions, especially in CF 10. The product buying guide does provide a list of features not available in CF 10 standard, but there are no details on the differences where Enterprise has greater functionality. (i.e.sending email).  CF Enterprise is a major investment for all but the largest organizations. Why does Adobe not provide details on functionality and options?


      Adobe - if you are indeed planning to continue with ColdFusion beyone version 10 you need to pay more attention to CF product information and documentation. I'm not here to debate whether Adobe is planning to drop CF, but just commenting that the product feels neglected from both a documentation and sales standpoint.