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    State Manager deeplinking in FLash - AS2


      I'm in the process of making a new version of my company's website and im going 100% flash and I am wanting deep linking. So today I placed state manager into it and played around with it. So far I have a main swf with the navigation and the state manager action script. each state loads external swfs into the main one. I only have the main swf and the about one done so far, im just trying to get this navigation to work. I am needing help ASAP so I have included both just the main swf FLA file and a zipped up file of the whole folder.

      Here are some things I found out or have problems with for:
      1.I made my buttons with a movie clip and the rollovers and release animations worked great until I added the state manager actionscript - the release animation is messed up now.
      2. Also when i was on the about page, if you click the action button twice, that page reloads. Is there some way to prevent this? So that when your on that particular page/state, the button for it is inactive?
      3. I then uploaded everything to the server and i wasn't able to go to the about page at all. I really don't know what happened. I mean, no file locations are different.
      4. Something I wondered. Say an external swf loads and has buttons that on release need to go to a state in the main swf's timeline. How would I go about that?

      That's about it, hope it makes sense. I have aim too. My sn is brettbash and I'm on it most of the time. Any help is appreciated.

      Here is the link to the main fla: bashperformance.com/Home%20Page/New/Home/main2.fla

      url to the index.html on the server: bashperformance.com/Home%20Page/New/index.html

      Link to the zip file of the folder and content: bashperformance.com/new.zip

      If someone can help me solve this soon, I can compensate them for their help with like paypal.