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    Webhelp Data


      I am not sure if I am asking this in the the correct place.  We are going to be using Robohelp/WebHelp to build our Help section for an Website Application.  What we are also lookign to do with it is maintain various tooltips etc... that are attached to sections of the actual site.  Does WebHelp or RoboHelp have a function that will allow it to export an XML file with something like a map id and a line of text.  So that we could call the XML and display the text in a tooltip


      In the help section there is a Topic for how to use a search function.

      We want to pull just the text from that and display it also as a tooltip inside the section of the site that search appears in.

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          Well, no.


          If you want the RoboHelp route:

          • But you can abuse User Defined Variables if you really want to. You can create a variable for every field/tooltip to use. Then you give the file rhvariable.apj to your developers (it's an XML file) and they can parse that. But given that you would probably have many thousands of entries, that's not really user friendly for the writer.
          • Another option would be create a new RoboHelp project. Add the tooltips in one or more topics in a specific manner. For example a paragraph with a span termID and a span termDefinition. You set the style termID to the identifier and termDefinition to the text. Then generate XHTML (using the XML output layout). Then ask your developers for an XSLT transformation to transform your topic to an XML file they can use. This would be possible for you to maintain, but not very user friendly.


          But perhaps some kind of XML editor (oXygen *cough*) could provide a better interface for your need.