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    Animation performance with large images -- too large?


      I'm working with a client who created an animation using Edge Animate, and we're having some performance problems. The HTML page itself is 3840x1080, and the animation that is causing the most grief is a series of 304 PNGs, each 2592x1080 in size, showing at 10 fps.


      IE 10 is the required browser. When this animation runs, many of the frames are dropped, showing the X placeholder image instead. Additionally, there are pauses and stutters and such, presumably as the browser is trying to keep up. I note that when I go in and modify the animation() constructor to use maxFrames: 50 or so, the performance problems go away entirely. It seems like the preloading of all the frames is hitting a memory ceiling.


      Question: Is it even feasible to ask the browser to do this kind of work? I'm not a JavaScript/HTML guy, and if I had my druthers, this would be done using something like C++/DirectX.


      Any opinions here on optimizing, or approaching this problem differently?


      Many thanks,