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    Re-add audio to edit


      I recently edited a documentary with voice over. The original edit and script did not include audio from the camera. Simply music and VO. I dragged only the video into the sequence timeline.


      The client wants to add some noise from the camera track. Is there a way to add it back into the edit easily? I'd love a right click command that simply adds the audio into the timeline. Does this exist and I'm not seeing it?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Jax24135 Level 3

          Not sure if there's an easier way, but....


          Double-Click on your footage already in the Sequence (this should open up the selected footage in the Source Monitor) and drag the audio icon to bring your cameras audio back into the Sequence project. You might want to create new audio tracks to keep everything from shifting.

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            Dan Esp Level 1

            I work on Folly allot and I can tell you strait, there's no option like that in Premier Pro. If there's anything that they could have taken from Final Cut its that.


            The way you will have to work with audio is a bit different. You bring the waveform to the Source Monitor by double clicking. In the Monitor, mark any beats, measures, or points of interest by pressing M to add a marker. After that, mark the In and Out points by pressing I and O to grab the desired part. Then drag the audio icon between the timeline and visual in the source monitor to grab the section and place it in an Audio track. If you expand the track, you can see the markers you placed. From there, you can cut or drag it like a video clip.


            Rinse and Repeat.

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              designedaudio Level 1

              How lame. Like I said beforenThis is a overview documentary with tons and tons of cuts. This sounds like it will be a huge undertaking. I will never build out a project without the camera audio again. For future edits I will just mute the track! Gawwwwwww.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                We've all learned these little lessons the hard way.

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi designedaudio,

                  When this happens to me, I match frame the clip in the Timeline (Sequence > Match Frame) on the first frame of the clip. The exact clip appears in the Source Monitor. Lock the video track. Overwrite the audio back in. Repeat for all your clips. It shouldn't take long.