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    Loss of top space in a paragraph at top of page

    jimoe-sma Level 1

      InDesign CS6, window XP


      Our design specs that the body text should always be vertically positioned such that all lines are in the same place on the page. If I hold a page up to the light, the text lines on both sides of the page are in the same place. Or, for pages side by side, the baselines on each page are aligned. Hopefully  that is clear.


      Headings, however, are different. We do not much care where they are placed; only that the body text ends up being placed correctly. For the different heading sizes, then, various amounts of top and bottom space are added to the leading to position the body text as desired, and position the heading in a visually pleasing way.


      The way ID positions text at the top of a page frustrates this attempt for positioning body text by arbitrarly removing the top space and upper leading which places the heading at the top margin. A workaround is to create an alternate style that has greater bottom space; this has the obvious disadvantage of being visually different.


      Are there any techniques to ameliorate the problem with the top-of-page issue?