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    Mobile display reduces project size

    CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

      Why do my projects appear smaller on a mobile device versus browser.


      Here are two examples displaying reduced:

      http://theedge.sun-sentinel.com/2013/HMS/SFHMS.html   (600 x 300)

      http://theedge.sun-sentinel.com/2013/TaxLiens/TaxLiens.html    (600 x 210)


      My last project was using EdgeCommons Adaptive Layouts. It displayed at the correct size. (Mobile at 280 px wide)

      I assume that it has embedded coding in its .js file that does a media query to display at correct size.



      I am sure someone will have a pretty good idea what direction I need to go.

      Any terms or keywords  that I can use to search would be very helpful.


      Thank you,

      Cindy J-H