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    How to make my project smaller?

    tordenver Level 1

      I am taking over a documentary project that was organized by another editor. It contains many folders and sub-folders, as well as sequences.

      I identified the sequence that I want to keep, and I reconnected all the media just for that sequence. I would like now just to have a project with that sequence and the corresponding footage used in that sequence. I don't want to keep all the footage unused spread out in the many folders.


      If I delete folders without being careful I may accidentely delete footage referenced in the sequence I want to keep. Because of the numbers of folders I cannot go thru all of them and sort it out manually.


      I looked into using Project Manager function, but I don't want to trim my media used in the sequence I intend to keep. I also thought about exporting an XML file of my sequence and re-import it into a new project, but my sequence includes many speed change and time remapping effects, as well as other FX applied to shots. By experience these "won't survive" with an FCP XML export (or EDL).


      Anybody has an idea on what would be the best / fastest way to make my Premiere Pro project smaller?


      Thank you!