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    Capture Stops after exactly 5 minute and 20 seconds (1.11GB) Please HELP!


      The  Capture is done via network to my computer through premiere CS6, The computer i work has WIN 7 x64 same as the other computer that i use for capturing. I encountered this when i upgraded the other computer instaling win 7 x64, cs6 etc...  Type of media is DV Pal (standard) and is done with Sony VTR HVR - M15.

      Odd is that i can capture to any other machine that has XP, but the win 7 nope .The Capture wont work either way, it stops exactly after 5 minute and 20 s.

      Capturing on the computer HDD works fine. I tried everything nothing works, chage the firewire drivers to legacy.

      The network speed is 1 Gb, both computer are are sufficient powerfull.

      I need to get this working because i work on the computer the storage is done and while the capturing is done many times i have other projects.

      older versions of like CS3 that i have have the same problem.


      PS. On the Premiere screen it says Lost conection to Device. This is very anoying, cant firegure out what is the problem. A bug for sure.


      - both computer have WIN 7 x64.

      - network 1Gps

      - premiere CS6 on both

      - device, media are good for sure, i tried with the camera fireware and same problem.


      The 5 minute and 20 s are unsable. Premiere wont import them.