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    Timecode Automation

    Miguel_R Level 1

      Hi There


      I am trying to automate the tedious task of placing markers at given timecode values. I have this little app called INQSCRIBE that allows me to listen to any music or video track and by hitting a specific key the app will write the timecode value corresponding to that moment. I then save all mytimecode 'hits" as an XML file and try to import it into after effects but so far no luck whatsoever....


      Is there any adobe app in the cloud (or any other app for that matter ) that will do the same and that After Effects will "talk" to?


      Many Thanks



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can do this by listening to an audio track and pressing the * key on the number pad. You can use Audio Levels to mark beats. Trapcode has Audio Levels that performs the same function. You can use Premiere Pro to analyze audio for speech recognition and add the metadata to an audio file so words show up as markers with labels in AE.


          What exactly are you trying to do? Most of the time I just listen to an audio track and tap the * key.

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            Miguel_R Level 1

            Dear Rick Gerard


            Sorry for the late reply. I have been travelling. THANK YOU so much for your reply. it does EXACTLY what I want!! In the end (and before I read your posting) I resorted to Audition to create some markers and it worked really well. Your solution is much better and the one I will use in the future. Thank you so much!