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    Imported EPS Graphics Dropout Printing to PDF

    CyberAmazon54 Level 1

      I have a book chapter created in InDesign CS 5.5 that includes placed EPS graphic files (each one constitutes a "figure"). The file is created for output in CMYK. I print this chapter to a PDF file, and in many of the figures included within this chapter, the title, eps graphic, and random legend lines (at least one will remain) have disappeared. On pages that this is the case for a figure, the page number has also disappeared. Note that this does NOT occur with every single figure within the chapter. There are some that print as they should, including the appropriate page numbering.


      TYSM for any provided assistance!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Stop using EPS and stop printing to PDF.


          Use AI or PDF from Illustrator and export to PDF instead.

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            CyberAmazon54 Level 1

            TY, Bob Levine, for your reply. However, you are suggesting that I change a workflow that I have used for 20 years.


            Since posting my original question, I have gone into my native graphic files and re-exported them to EPS. The problem is now resolved.


            I did not previously mention that I use CorelDraw for creation of all vector graphics and export from that environment into EPS for placing in InDesign (work in book publishing industry). I have worked this routine... as I stated previously... for 20 years. All but one of these graphics required an update of the native CorelDraw file to the version currently being used on my system. If it weren't for the fact that one of these graphics did NOT require such an update, I would suspect that something in the coding of those older CD files was not "playing nice" with my current version of ID (CS5.5).


            Not sure what the "true" problem was, but re-exporting the affected EPS files did resolve the issue.


            I am posting this reply to my own query in the hope that what worked for me might resolve a problem for someone else.