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    CFThread Corruption Issue


      I've recently starting using cfthread on one of my CF 9 servers.   I've seen some wildly odd behaviour from the threads and am wondering if this is a known issue.


      I am grabbing a set of data which is 1200 rows deep.  I loop over that data 12 times, grab 100 rows each time and create a unique thread.   If I don't artificially add delay the query distribution between the threads is random and weighted heavily towards the last thread created.   Even after adding 5-6 seconds of delay between spawning new threads – the distribution is not level.   The ONLY time I can get 100 rows per thread is when I insert a cfdump of the query (adding a LOT of additional processing time).


      Im writing the thread names into my table for debug purposes - so I can get an exact count of which thread is processing which numbers.

      Here is the distribution after adding 5-6 seconds of delay for a set of 100:


      threadtest COUNT(`threadtest`)

      MigThread1 21

      MigThread2 51

      MigThread3 28


      -- as you can see, though the data set passed into each thread is distinct, is seems to be handed to the threads in a random way -- as if the thread attributes and scopes were immediately corrupted.   Oddly, I always get the number of rows processed that I want - just not distributed between the threads as I expect.




      Here is the code:


      <!---get the data --->

      <cfquery name="getTNs" datasource="xxxx">

                      SELECT SubKey, TN, LRN, MAC, CLLI, StagingFallout, FinalFallout

          FROM MigValidationNew

          WHERE JobKey = '#JobKey#' AND StagingFallout <> '1'



      <!--- Build a new dataset so the threads are better controlled --->

      <cfset SortedTNs = querynew("IndexCounter, TN, SubKey")>


                      <cfset RowCounter = '1'>


                      <cfoutput query="getTNs">

                      <cfset QueryAddRow(SortedTNs)>

                                       <cfset QuerySetCell(SortedTNs,"IndexCounter",#RowCounter#)>

                                      <cfset QuerySetCell(SortedTNs,"TN",#TN#)>

                                      <cfset QuerySetCell(SortedTNs,"SubKey",#SubKey#)>


                                      <cfset RowCounter = #RowCounter# + 1>




      <!--- Set the number of threads by dividing the total TNs returned by n --->

      <cfset numGroups = 50>

      <cfset MigrationRounds = Ceiling(RowCounter / numGroups )>


      <!--- Loop over the record set, creating n threads each with n TNs --->

      <cfloop index="loopindex" from="1" to="#MigrationRounds#">


      <!--- Ensure a unique thread name --->

                      <cfset threadName = "MigThread#loopindex#">



                      <cfif #loopindex# EQ 1>

                                      <cfset startNumber = #loopindex#>


                                      <cfset startNumber = ((#loopindex# - 1) * numGroups) + 1>



                      <cfset endNumber = #loopindex# * numGroups>





                                      <cfquery name="getSubset" dbtype="query">

                      SELECT IndexCounter, TN, SubKey

              FROM SortedTNs

              WHERE IndexCounter >= #startNumber# AND IndexCounter <= #endNumber#



      <cfoutput><p>#threadName# St: #startNumber#  En: #endNumber# RecordCount is #getSubset.RecordCount#</p></cfoutput>       









                                      <cfoutput query="getSubset">


                  <!--- Update the database with the thread name--->

                  <cfquery name="updateTN" datasource="xxx">

                      Update MigValidationNew

                      SET threadtest = '#threadName#'

                      WHERE SubKey = '#SubKey#'






      <!--- Add delay between the threads to limit the corruption--->

      <cfloop index="InternalIdx" from="1" to="3000000" step="1"> </cfloop>

      <p>Next Thread!</p>



      <!--- Rejoin the threads for the display --->

      <cfthread action="join" timeout="299999"/>