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    CF10 on Tomcat Standard - admin login denied - license issue?

    spellbmw Level 1

      Doing installation and configuration testing on standard Tomcat 7.0.42 and ran into an interesting issue which *might* be licensing:


      1.  CF10 deployed as J2EE WAR file on 1st  physical host and 2 Tomcat instances:  works fine.

      2.  CF10 deployed as J2EE WAR file on 2nd physical host and 1 Tomcat Instance:  will not accept the admin password to complete the set up.  "Invalid password.  Please try again"  -

           A.  the passwordreset.bat does not make any difference

           B.  recompiling the J2EE WAR file does not make any difference


      Is this a CF10 license issue:  one license but two servers & some inter-machine check re licensing?  If necessary, I can do a 30-day trial since this is just for testing in preparation to move from CF9 and JRun.






      Am very happy with the deployment thus far on the 1 server where CF10 has installed easily and is working correctly; just need to be able to replicate eventually for 6 physical hosts and 107 instances.