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    Suitable replacement for 'Smart Albums' in PSE 11


      Hi there,


      I updated my software from Elements 7 to 11 some weeks ago but I'm still not happy with the structure of my new Organizer. I'm a planespotter which means something like collecting photos of different aircrafts and airlines like post stamps. In PSE 7 I used the tag- and category-tool for organizing these photos by airport. This part works in PSE 11 as well.

      But I also used to create one 'Smart-Album' for each airline I've ever seen. The big advantage was that I had to create such an album for just one time and every photo I ever named e.g. "Lufthansa" was automatically sorted into the corresponding smart-album. So I had a list that showed all airlines I've taken at least one photo of.

      See the screenshot for better understanding:




      I know that Adobe replaced the smart-albums in PSE 11 by the 'saved searches'. But I don't like this tool, it's not what I'm looking for. I want a visible list of my airlines and it should be created more or less intuitively/automatically, to have not more to do manually than before (efficiency and clarity is very important to me thinking of 5000+ photos and 300+ airlines).


      So my questions would be:

      1. Is there any possibility to manage it the way I described above in PSE 11?

      2. If not, do you have another idea that could be suitable for my requirements?


      Thank you so much for your help!