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    Desktop Middleware Options

    jfillman Level 1
      I am working on an AIR application that requires users to be online and offline from the primary server housing the database. While offline, the user and application need to continue functioning as if nothing changed. MySQL 5.1 and 6.0, appear to effeciently handle automated synchronization of a local DB with a primary DB, using parent-child child-parent relationship. The primary issue is what to run on the individual laptops to maintain data access between Flex and MySQL while offline. The built in DB for AIR is not secure enough for what I need and sync issues makes this appear unreasonable. The idea of running and administrating Tomcat, Apache, IIS, or some J2EE server and BlazeDS or WebORB, however, seems like a maintenance/administrative headache. I need suggestions on how best to do this. Maybe IIS and WebORB is the best alternative, but I need more input as to whether this is a good direction, or if there are better alternatives.