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    InDesign CS3 placing Illustrator files as PDF's


      I am working from a PC that doesn't have Illustrator installed (which is unbelievably frustrating on its own). I have a graphic that I created in Illustrator on another computer that I am trying to import to InDesign, and I need to edit it. Since I don't have access to Illustrator, I'm hoping to be able to do so right in InDesign. The file is just a straight Ai file, not a pdf, yet no matter how I try to work around it, when I place the file in InDesign, it reads it as a PDF file. I've included a couple images below to illustrate.




      I ensured in preferences that "Prefer PDF" is not selected, as well.




      It's not crazy important that I do it right this moment, as I could just change it in Illustrator at home. However, I'm going to be working on this project for a while at this computer, and that "fix" is going to get real old, real fast. I'd appreciate your suggestions, and what I could be doing wrong?