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    Local Files with file:///

      <mx:VideoDisplay id="videoDisplay" width="720" height="540" source="file:///c:\me.flv" />

      works when i debug using flex builder... but if i give someone my "bin" folder/release folder so they can run it on there own machine. it doesn't work if they place me.flv in the c drive.

      seems to only work if i run it under debug.
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          peterent Level 2
          It works in Flex Builder because the Flash Player has been told anything run from Flex Builder is authorized to read local files.

          Try compiling your app with -use-network=false and it should allow you to do this.
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            L_M Level 1
            I have flex builder 3 Milestone 4 - beta 3.0 and set the compiler switch under Project -> Properties

            public svn repository

            looks like the swf in the debug folder is created based on the original menu.config that was imported during flex builders debug session.

            when i zip the debug folder and move to another pc changing the menu.config doesn't actually change the menu in the program.

            so much for a generic flv player...

            the compiler switched is turned on now -use-network=false
            but it looks like I can't make runtime changes using external config files.

            menu.config - holds menu items.
            application.config - holds path on users computers containing all these videos.

            is there something special needed to embedded external files ?

            ---- by the way ---
            if you do have time to look at the small app.. 2 files (menu.mxml, GenericFlvPlayer.mxml)
            the ui is jacked as there is a top padding that is driving me crazy to get rid of. for once this app looks better in IE than in Firefox. I thought that was the whole reason in moving to pluggin based applications .. no more rendering hell.

            anyone? a generic player like this can help lots of people...

            Leblanc Meneses
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              peterent Level 2
              I'll look into this a bit more for you. But if you plan on using local files, switch to AIR. The Flash Player follows internet security protocols and really, really should not be used to read local files. I'm actually surprised you can load those local video files, but I haven't done much with video as the Flash player team usually handles that aspect.