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    Publishing from RoboHelp 10

    wluce Level 1

      When we try to publish a single file or layout from RoboHelp 10 we get an "access denied" error.  To mitigate the problem, we have to take the full folder of files and publish the whole project which takes us about 4 to 5 hours to publish one change to a file.  The process updates the entire project instead of recognizing the change that was made to that one file and publishing that one file.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          If updating a whole project took four or five hours I would suspect something is wrong, never mind when just one topic is changed. You need to bear in mind that updating one topic does require more than one file to be published as the search, for example gets regenerated. However, if you have the right options selected in the Publish settings, that should limit the process to just the changed files.


          Publishing Cancelled is a message that is seen from time to time and that is covered in Snippets on my site. If your message is definitely Access Denied, then I would suspect your publish settings are wrong or that IT need to check your permissions, maybe both.


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