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    Lag when zooming (CC on OS X)

    wee_ag Level 1

      Just started having an issue where when I try zooming in and out of any document, PS lags for several seconds. When trying to zoom in with a single click, after a second wait the zoom box activates and I have to click again on another spot for it to zoom in. Normally when I click a spot it zooms in immediately. When I try to cilck and drag a zoom box the box appears, but when I release the mouse button nothing happens and I have to click again for it to zoom. When trying to zoom out I have to click several times and wait several seconds for it to zoom out. There's no spinning beach ball/hourglass, just lag.


      This happens on two different Macs running OS X 10.8.5 (an iMac i5 3.2GHz, 32GB ram and MacBookPro i7 2.3GHz 16GB ram). All other commands appear to be working fine. I've deleted all preferences, uninstalled and reinstalled with no improvement.


      Any idea what's going on?


      Thanks for any help.