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    Applied audio affect not working at beginning of each clip


      So I have a bunch of clips that I have added a "Denoiser" audio effect to. I then go to effect controls and play with the settings until the hiss I am trying to remove is gone.  I then play back the clip with the effect added to the audio and it sounds great.  Perfect

      Then later on if I go through and watch the timeline again, at the begining of every audio clip I added the effect to, the effect is essentially bypassed for the first 1-2 sec of the clip, or in my case, I hear the original hiss during the first 1-2 sec of each clip and then it cuts out and goes back to the edited version. When I export this same hiss for 1-2 sec is still there and is very noticable and annoying.


      For a little background, I mave a muted audio 1 level, a song or background music on audio level 2, and my overlay audio on level 3 which is what I am adding the Denoiser to and having problems with. I have even gone through frame by frame with the effect controls open to see if there is some sort of key framing accidently selected but there is none.


      Any suggestions to fixing this?