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    Where did the proxy icon go?


      Hi All, New here.


      My company just upgraded to CS6. My job requires frequent placing of images from Photoshop into InDesign. I used to heavily depend on the proxy icon to shorten this step.


      For example, I would finish editing a photo, then save in Photoshop. The proxy icon would darken after file was saved. Then I would drag proxy icon into InDesign file, which would place the image into the INDD.


      Now, there is no proxy icon after I save my Photoshop documents. I noticed that the proxy icon DOES appear when I first open a document, but it disappears if I save it.

      - This happens with .jpg, .psd, etc. Not just one file type.

      - It ONLY seems to happen in PS--not IND or AI.


      This slows down my process considerably. I now must open a Finder window, navigate to the Photoshop document, and drag from there into INDD. Or I have to Command+D in InDesign and navigate to Photoshop document there.


      If this is a setting issue, will someone please tell me where to turn my proxy icon visibility back on?


      If this is something Adobe removed, PLEASE will you bring it back?


      Please let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks in advance.



      iMac (late 2012) OSX 10.8.4

      Creative Suite 6