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    Animated button Help

      I have a small problem thats 'causing a large one:

      I have animated buttons, the problem is I can only make it go to a URL and not a frame (in the main animation).

      By this I mean I make a button "import image > make it movie clip > make button animtion etc > back to scene 1" then on scene 1 I try to script the button to go to frame 10 (or any frame, 10 for example) by "gotoAndPlay(10)"
      but that codes my button to play frame 10 of itself and not go to frame 10 of my main animation. I also tried making a separate actions layer and putting "buttonname_btn. function..." but still only plays frame 10 of my button animation and not my main animation. could someone help me out on what to do here please, I have tried tutorial sites but they only give me basic buttons for frames or animated buttons for URL's.

      So I need a code for an animated button to a frame (and not a frame in the button animation)

      Thanks and sorry to go on a bit but thats the best I can explain...

      If more explaination is needed please ask.