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    making charts and tables

    Vasee Xiong

      I was wondering if the FormsCentral that is included with Acrobat XI Pro can make tables and charts? It seems like it has been very limited. If I cannot create charts, then we might have to subscribe to the more advanced versions, and if it is possible to make charts on the included FormsCentral, then please teach me how!

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          FormsCentral uses charts and tables to represent the response data collected from a form, but there is no chart/table creation in the form itself.  Subscribing to the "more advanced version" of FormsCentral won't change that, charts and tables just are not part of the product except on the side of the responses which is all shown in a table and various charts.




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            Hi Josh


            You you perhaps know more or less what the 'extra' features/properties are with the advanced version?


            I would like to know things like, can you change the border of your text fields, also can the text and input box be different... Can you set the spacing between your text and input section of your text field?

            Is it possible to add a footer on your form?

            Can you change the horizontal line to vertical and change the font colour?


            Thanks you!

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              The best way to see what features FormsCentral has is to sign up for a free account and try it out.  The differences are not around what you can do formatting your form so you can explore that in the free account.  To quickly answer some of those, you can't change the input box border color, you can change the color of the font, you can adjust the spacing in between the labels and input boxes.


              The additional benefits of a paid account are listed in this table:


              The paid account allows you to collect payments, send submission reciepts and notifications, save as PDF to distribute and collect responses in FormsCentral, re-direct after submission, and skip logic.