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    The Accessibility Object for AS2 is returning a false positive for AS2 with IE10 on Windows 8 Pro.


      There is an issue with the our legacy content player, which is written in Flash Actionscript 1 & 2.  This

      player behaves fine in most browsers on most platforms, but in IE10 on Windows 8 it doesn't work




      Internet Explorer 110

      Version:  10.0.9200.16688

      Update Version:  10.0.9 (KB2870699)



      Windows 8 Pro



      This seems to because of the Flash engine's Accessibility object using the Microsoft Active

      Accessibility (MSAA) API to detect the presence of Screen Readers.  This detection is creating a false

      positive on Windows 8 machines and that may be due to the touch screen support on that platform.  This

      doesn't appear to be occuring with Chrome or Firefox on the same platform; however.  So I suspect that

      IE or IE's Flash compenent is doing something different than these other browsers.