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    Plug-In Failure


      A little over a month ago, I updated to the latest version of Flash Player and it suddenly stopped working properly. Some items work, some give me 'plug in failure'.

      Works: Netflix, about 50% of YouTube videos

      Doesn't work: the other 50% of YouTube videos, non YouTube videos, embedded audio files, that Flash test animation with the clouds

      It's driving me crazy.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash 11.8 (more than once), including a clean uninstall making sure there are no leftover files in other locations on the computer.

      I have uninstalled and installed older versions of Flash. I think it was 10.3 that worked for awhile, but now it seems all older versions say 'blocked plug-in' because apparently I "don't have the latest security updates" and should "update to the latest version of Flash". Frustrating, for obvious reasons. I have tried several older version including 10.1, 10.3, 11.1, 11.7, and all either give 'blocked plug-in' or 'plug-in failure'.

      I've seen that other people have had similar issues but none seem to have been resolved.


      I've anyone knows a solution OR an alternative to Flash Player, I'd really appreciate it. Maybe it's rude to ask that in a Flash forum but unless Adobe wants to go ahead and FIX this, I'm not feeling too bad about it.


      I am using a 2010 MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.8 (willing to upgrade if that really is the problem), and the problem is consistent in all browsers: Safari 5.1.9, Firefox 23.0.1 ("The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed"), not really a Chrome user I was having other issues with that I can't check right now, but it seem Safari is not the problem.

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          AaronVanNoy Level 1

          I'm having the EXACT same issue! 1/2 of YouTube videos don't work. Hulu does NOT work at all!  I'm running Mac OS X 10.9 on a 2.26 Duo. (sad i know).


          I was running Chrome but when I checked my Activity Monitor it was using 987.23% of my processor. So I killed it and am now using Safari and FireFox. However now both of those browsers are just giving me a "plug-in failure".


          I was just trying to watch http://www.hulu.com/watch/552963 and it started to load and play (audio and video) then went right back to "Plug-in Failure".




          -Aaron from WeBuyPinball.com

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            Mike M Level 6


            There IS NO SUCH THING as an OS X virus... never has been.


            Chrome is a HUGE resource hog. I ununstalled it and will never allow it on my Mini again.

            Try doing a Clean install: How to perform a "clean install" of Flash Player in Mac OS X


            The ONLY step I'd deviate from is locating the Flash Player plugin manually. Do a Spotlight search of your Mac HD for "Flash Player.plugin" and trash EVERYTHING that appears in the results. THEN follow the other steps to reinstall and ensure it's enabled in Safari.